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We at APCES offer solution to customers in the filed of Air Pollution Control. May it be simple Dedusting / Dust Extraction System for material handling operations or comprehensive Fume Extraction System for various metallurgical operations or Product Collection from the gas stream or Acidic Fumes / Vapors Scrubbing Systems. We advice our clients for efficient way of controlling air pollution and carry out detail engineering of the systems and assist them in building the plant to meet the statutory obligation.

We also carry out design and engineering of Industrial Ventilation Systems like Pressurized Ventilation System, Push - Pull Ventilation System, Exhaust Systems, etc. Components involved in these systems are Air Intake Filtration Units, Air Washer Units, Centrifugal Fans, GI Ducting, Volume Control Dampers, Air Distribution Grills, Exhaust Fans, etc These systems are generally used for MCC Rooms, Underground Tunnels, etc.

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